Heat & Light options

You can add heat and / or lighting to your umbrella.

Most of our UK stock is pre-cabled for up to 4 x 1.5kw heaters and have 4 pre-fitted lights with their own cables in place.


These are 4 x 8w lights.       Included in the cost of umbrellas and a separate cable so that if you do not wish to use the heater supply then lights can be connected separately

Heaters  £ 140 + VAT + £20 P+P if not delivered with umbrella

Heater arms (optional) £15 + VAT plus P+P

Replacement element £15 + VAT plus P+P

Our stock heater is the HLW15 chosen for

  • Proven performance
  • Long life
  • Low cost bulb replacement – compared with Tansun
  • Sleek design without sharp edges
  • White or black casing
  • 2 heaters can be run from a standard 13 amp supply
  • Option of 1kw units if lower wattage is required

The heaters can be

  • Connected by clamp (supplied with heater) direct to umbrella arms
  • Connected to fold down arms
  • Wall mounted

‘Push for Heat ‘ timers are available from electrical wholesalers


Fitters note

The umbrellas are fitted are fitted with connecting Hirschmann plugs.  You do however need to ‘drill out’ the plastic cable input flange to 6mm from manufactuers 4mm