Base options

There are 3 options for our umbrella bases.

There are three main base choices

  • Bolt down base
  • In-Ground base
  • Surface base

Option 1 – Bolt down base

  • This is the preferred base if the site has an existing substantial concrete pad (min 200mm depth)  and no membrane issues at this depth (eg maintains integrity to any basement parking / cellar etc)
  •  Various size of deck-plate either for coach bolting to decking OR resin fixing to concrete floors


Click here to download the guide for our in ground base.

Option 2 – In ground base

  • This is the preferred base if sites are able to install sub-surface groundworks
  • It is strongest and safest solution
  • Typically a 600mm cube of concrete is required
  • Bases are hinged to facilitate electrical connections and easy installation / removal of umbrella



Option 3 – Surface base

  • A surface base is the preferred base if ground-works are not possible for in-ground base OR if you need to re-position the umbrella from time to time.
  • Base is 1000mm square and supplied with 4 x 35kg concrete blocks (500mm a 500mm x 35mm)
  • Eight blocks are recommended if canopies are over 16sq m or if 4m square umbrellas are in an exposed site